The National Food Agency: The 2022 GFSI indicates Indonesia's food affordability at the green level

05 October 2022

The National Food Agency (BPN) has noted that according to the 2022 Global Food Security Index (GFSI), food affordability in Indonesia is at the green level, or a very good condition, with a total score of 81.4.

The GFSI found that three out of the five indicators of Indonesia's food affordability were at a very good level, scoring at around 80-100. They included the change in the average food costs, with a score of 86.5; with the proportion of the population under the global poverty line at 80.9; as well as food safety net programmes scoring 100.

Meanwhile, the two other indicators of the affordability aspect were agriculture trade, which was at a good level, scoring at around 70-79.9, with a score of 78.5; and the inequality-adjusted income index, which was at a moderate level, scoring at around 55-69.9, with a score of 55.1.

The food availability aspect in Indonesia, in the meantime, was given a score of 50.9, or a weak level, scoring 40-54.9. 

In addition, other indicators of the availability aspect, including supply chain infrastructure as well as food security and access policy commitments, were at a weak level.

These results were due to several indicators, such as access to agricultural inputs, agricultural research and development, as well as sufficiency of supply, were at a very weak level, scoring 0-39.9.

The Deputy III for Consumption Diversification and Food Safety at the BPN Andriko Noto Susanto, also noted that improvement was necessary in the food sustainability and adaptation aspect since it was at a weak level, with a score of 46.3, mainly due to avery weak level of water and political commitment to adaptation indicators.

Overall, Indonesia was ranked 63rd out of the 133 countries in the 2022 GFSI, rising up from the previous year's ranking of 69 in the index.

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