Representatives of IOFS discuss current state of its projects at the Ministry of Agriculture in Nur-Sultan

23 November 2019

On November 22, IOFS officials and Director-General took part in the meeting with Vice Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan Mr. Dairbekov at the Ministry of Agriculture in Nur-Sultan.
Representatives of IOFS informed about the current state of implementation processes of Grain Fund and IFPA programmes.
At the moment much work is being undertaken in collaboration with the Food Corporation to formulate the principles and work schemes of Grain Fund and IFPA. 
Participants noted the importance of food security as a basic indicator of human activity. Thus, the level of food supply for the population correlates with the level of economic development of the country as a whole, since food production has always been the very first condition for production in general.
Furthermore, IOFS held a number of large seminars on the development of the Halal industry in Kazakhstan and the whole CIS region. IOFS developed a Road Map and synchronized it with the Road Map of the Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan to assist its implementation. IOFS is ready to establish close cooperation to promote Halal food, including the development of Halal brand for export.
At the end of the meeting, parties agreed that the Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan would assist in the creation of a working group for Grain Fund and IFPA programmes to activate work in that direction. On its side, IOFS would support the intentions of the Ministry to unify and promote Halal food standards and development of export.
Taking advantage of the opportunity, Director General of IOFS personally invited Mr. Dairbekov to attend the official opening ceremony of the Office of Secretariat of IOFS. As part of the aforementioned event, it is planned to sign a memorandum of understanding with the JSC National Agricultural Science and Education Center.

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