On November 1, Deputy Director General of Islamic Organization for Food Security Ambassador Hameed Opeloyeru has given an exclusive interview to Atameken Business Channel in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan.

Atameken thanked Amb. Opeloyeru for participation and enquired about tasks and objectives set before IOFS during the second General Assembly held in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in August, 2019. Amb. Opeloyeru informed the General Assembly had been an important and historic event in the history of IOFS and produced valuable results. Amb. Opeloyeru noted that representatives of all 56 OIC Member States had been present at the Assembly, which signifies the importance of food security issues in Islamic states.

During the Assembly, two initiatives proposed by IOFS such as the Grain Fund and Islamic Food Processing Association (IFPA) have been unanimously supported and adopted.

Through IFPA, IOFS aims to create an association of the largest food producers in Member States to strengthen intra-OIC trade and commercial relationship between the countries. Another goal is to create a reserve of strategic commodities of IOFS Member States, such as are wheat, rice, cassava, palm oil. Deputy DG also mentioned about establishment of an analytical IT database platform within IOFS system, which would collect and store information on food security situation in all OIC Member States.

Another important outcome of the Assembly has been the appointment of Mr. Yerlan Baidaulet, a specialist in Islamic finance, as a Director General of IOFS.

In addition, Amb. Opeloyeru stressed the role of Islamic finance in activities of IOFS, without which none of the abovementioned projects would be possible.

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