Modalities for building food system resilience within the member states of Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) were the focus of deliberations by OIC/IOFS member states at the 14th Meeting of the Agricultural Working Group organized by the Standing Committee for Commercial and Economic Cooperation (COMCEC) in Ankara, Republic of Turkey on 9-10 October 2019. Delegates drawn from eighteen (18) OIC/IOFS member states and eight (8) international and regional organisations addressed the challenges facing the Islamic Ummah on promoting resilient food security systems in OIC member states.
Islamic Organisation for Food Security (IOFS) was represented at the meeting by Ambassador Hameed Opeloyeru, Deputy-Director General in the Secretariat of Islamic Organisation for Food Security (IOFS), who presented an exposition of intra-IOFS cooperation in the domain of agriculture, rural development and food security, including in the rationale behind the formation of IOFS. The participants at the meeting agreed on the need for the coordinating role of the Nursultan-based OIC specialised institution, in order to provide a project management approach to food security issues in the OIC region.
Major recommendations reached at the meeting centered on the need to support IOFS on-going Food Security Reserve programme, which is aimed at ensuring prompt humanitarian assistance to member states in times of food security emergencies. They also underscored the need to strengthen IOFS to conduct research and development activities in the food sector across the region.
The 14th COMCEC Agriculture Working Group meeting is preparatory to the forthcoming 35th Ministerial Session scheduled for Istanbul, Republic of Turkey in 27-28 November 2019. COMCEC is one of the OIC standing committees headed by Heads of State and are directly responsible to the Summit of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation. IOFS participation at this specialised Working Group would enhance the visibility of the Organisation among OIC member states and multilateral institutions, thereby positioning the latter for the task of coordinating a robust, resilient, nutritive, accessible, inclusive and affordable food security system within its member states.
IOFS Secretariat
Nur Sultan, Republic of Kazakhstan
11 October 2019

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