Director General of IOFS meets Director of Eurasian Center for Food Security in Moscow, Russia

05 October 2019

On October 4, Director General of IOFS held a meeting with Director of Eurasian Center for Food Security at Lomonosov Moscow State University, Mr. Sergey Shoba in Moscow.
Mr. Shoba acquainted Director General with the structure and activities of the Eurasian Center, which had been created in 2010 in accordance with Aquila Summit G8 (2009). The Eurasian Center’s activites are focused on strengthening of food security in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Armenia. The Center works in close partnership with Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Economic Development and Ministry of Foreign Affairs (in the context of cooperation with FAO, ASEAN, APEC, SCO, EAEU), as well as with specialized organizations such as IFPRI, ICARDA, the Association of African Agricultural Universities and other. . The Eurasian Center carries out much research work; for example, two projects in АСЕАН and a scientific project in Iran and Sudan. The Center is also consulted by state and international organizations regarding biochemistry, soil science, economics and others.
The Eurasian Center expressed interest in expansion of collaboration with OIC countries through partnership with IOFS. Mr. Shoba offered IOFS to develop a specific action plan, one of which could be  informational posts on websites of the organizations.
Following the meeting, sides reached an agreement to establish fruitful and focused collaboration. At the end of the conversation, Director General of IOFS provided Mr. Shoba with a set of informative brochures about the organization and gifted a souvenir with IOFS logo.

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