IOFS visits Republican Center for Livestock Breeding of Kazakhstan to discuss areas for cooperation

08 October 2021

On 8 October 2021, the IOFS delegation, represented by Dr. Ismail Abdelhamid, the Director of Programmes and Projects Office, and Mr. Bakytzhan Arystanbek, Program Manager, visited the Republican Center for Livestock Breeding of Kazakhstan “Assyl Tulik” and conducted a meeting to discuss areas for cooperation.

 The meeting was attended by Mr. Bolat Seysenov, the Director of Assyl Tulik, and Mrs. Danagul Satova, the Manager of the Department of International Cooperation and Investment Activities of the National Agrarian Science and Education Center.

 At the beginning of the visit, Dr. Ismail Abdelhamid thanked the Director of Assyl Tulik for his contribution at the Conference on conservation and reproduction of genetic resources held on
25 May 2021 and International Workshop on Animal Genetic Resources held on 13-14 September 2021. During the meeting, Dr. Ismail Abdelhamid presented the Conference Proceedings of the above-mentioned 25 May event to Mr. Bolat Seysenov as a co-author of this publication.

 Mr. Bolat Seysenov briefly introduced the activities implemented by his Center, including services provided to farmers from all around the country, and showed the gene pool, laboratory for cryoconservation, and feedlot located at the premises of the Center. Also, the Director of Assyl Tulik informed the Center is actively working on extension and training services for farmers on breeding strategies and expressed readiness to share the experience with other OIC member states.

 Dr. Ismail Abdelhamid emphasized that livestock development is one of the most critical areas that the IOFS intends to work on and elaborated on how the IOFS would help member countries jointly cooperate with transferring knowledge and best practices.

 In the end, parties agreed to exchange information and strengthen close cooperation in implementing specific activities.

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