On 23rdof September, Minister of Agriculture of Kazakhstan Mr. S. Omarov held a meeting with Mr. Altarawneh, Spokesperson of lower chamber of Parliament of Jordan. Parties discussed issues of bilateral cooperation in agriculture and growth of commodity circulation between Kazakhstan and Jordan.
An agreement between the Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan and Jordan was signed in 2007. Agreements were also reached on cooperation in veterinary medicine, quarantine and plant protection (2007).
Mr. Omarov introduced State Agribusiness Development Program to Jordan delegation and shared plans for increasing labor productivity and export of processed products 2.5 times.
Kazakhstan exports more than 10 million tons of grain and flour; main markets that consume it are (79%) countries of Central Asia and Afghanistan.
Mr. Omarov addressed Mr. Altarawneh with a proposal to speed up consideration to join the Islamic Organization for Food Security, as Jordan is a member country of OIC.
Minister of Agriculture of Kazakhstan informed the Jordanian delegation about the initiatives of Kazakhstan that were proposed during the Second General Assembly, such as establishment of a Grain Fund and Islamic Food Processing Association.
Mr. Altarawneh stressed that agriculture of Jordan is a traditional sector of the economy; the main crops are cereals, sesame, grapes, beans and olives. Due to introduction of modern irrigation and development of greenhouse farms, Jordan has recently began to produce and export more fruits and vegetables.
Parties also discussed preparations for the 5th meeting of the Intergovernmental Commission on Trade, Economic, Cultural and Humanitarian Cooperation between Kazakhstan and Jordan, which is scheduled for November, 2019.

Brief information on activities of the Kazakhstani-Jordanian Intergovernmental Commission on Trade, Economic, Cultural and Humanitarian Cooperation

Co-chair from Kazakhstan side: Minister of Agriculture of Kazakhstan.
Co-chair from Jordanian side: Minister of Industry, Trade and Supply of Joran

Since 2006, there have been held 4 IGC meetings:

1st meeting - November 2006, Amman
2nd meeting - August 6-7, 2007, Astana
3rd meeting - January 28-29, 2009, Amman
4th meeting - September 7-8, 2016, Astana

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