Director General of IOFS held a number of meetings in Niamey, Republic of Niger during the trip to participate in the 47th session of the OIC CFM

27 November 2020
On November 26, 2020, the General Director of IOFS Yerlan A. Baidaulet, within the framework of a trip to Niamey, the Republic of Niger, to participate in the 47th session of the OIC Council of Foreign Ministers, held a meeting with the General Director of SMIIC, Mr. Ihsan Ovut. The issues of close cooperation between the two OIC institutes on the development of the common Halal market were discussed.

On the same day, working meetings were held with representatives of the Government of Niger - with the adviser to the President of the country Ms. Khadija Diallo and the head of the Commissariat for Food Security Mr. Ali Beti. Within the framework of these meetings, issues of bilateral cooperation between Niger and IOFS were discussed, in particular, on the implementation of the most important state program "3N-Nigeriens nourish Nigeriens" and the participation of the government and the private sector of Niger in the implementation of all 16 strategic programs of the IOFS. The Minister confirmed his participation in the work of the 3rd General Assembly of the IOFS in Ankara and the elaboration of other issues, incl. on country contributions and on participation in updating the food balance database.

Adviser to the President Ms. Khadija expressed interest in attracting foreign investment in the Niger economy, namely in agriculture and in the development of waqf projects. Over the past 2-3 years, thanks to the successful policy of the President of the country, one can observe obvious changes in the country, including the construction of roads, hotels (the newest in Niamey, Radisson, and Bravia appeared during these years), institutional development of food security, active development of rural farms, etc.

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