Meeting of IOFS Director-General Yerlan Baidaulet with Ambassador of Indonesia to Kazakhstan Rahmat Promono

17 November 2020

On November 16 was held meeting of the Director General of the Islamic organization for food security Yerlan Baidaulet with the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to Kazakhstan Rahmat Promono. During the meeting, they discussed the issues necessary for Indonesia to join the IOFS and the possibility of the country's participation in the organization's strategic programs.

Yerlan Baidaulet presented 9 strategic programs and 7 planned programs implemented in the IOFS countries in 2021, and emphasized their importance for the Republic of Indonesia.

He noted the necessity of using the experience of Indonesia to develop imports and exports in Islamic countries, as the country is a big trade player in the Islamic world with a strong economy.

In this regard, the goals and objectives of the following IOFS programs were presented, where Indonesia could participate and share its experience: The International Islamic Food Processors Association (IFPA), the program "Development of Food Safety and Halal Food industry", "development of Palm oil".

Scientific centers of Indonesia were also invited to participate in the program "Water Use Management in Agriculture". their experience is important for the application of scientific research in Islamic countries.

Mr. Ambassador Rahmat Promono showed great interest in the strategic programs of the IOFS and thanked Director General Yerlan Baidaulet for the visit. He declared that he would do everything possible for Indonesia to join the IOFS and requested that an official letter be sent to the Ministry of Agriculture of Indonesia in order to cooperate on the above programs.

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