IOFS gathers major representatives of Kazakhstan's food industry to promote intra-OIC trade through IFPA programme

28 May 2020
On May 28, 2020, IOFS organised a videoconference titled as IFPA: Export Promotion and Investment Opportunities to introduce its’ IFPA programme to major representatives of the Kazakhstani food industry. The objective of the conference was to examine and elaborate methods aimed at the development of the Kazakhstani segment of IFPA. 

The Secretariat of IOFS presented the IFPA programme to an audience of 30 participants, among which were various companies, unions and association including but not limited to Atamaken, KazakhExport, ITFC, unions of meat and poultry farmers; grain, meat, oil processors, and many others. The Vice Minister of Agriculture Mr Nurbek Daiberkov and Vice Minister of Trade and Integration Mr Azamat Askaruly delivered opening addresses and expressed their full support of the IOFS initiatives.

IFPA is a transcontinental association of investors, entrepreneurs, major agricultural producers, processors and professional unions that would work collaboratively towards the development of the food industry and food security. IFPA would enable a favourable environment for the growth of international intra-OIC food trade, facilitate networking within trade corridors and advance the supply food chain with higher value-added products. The IFPA members would also be able to exchange information and experience on innovative technologies and scientific research in the food industry. Furthermore, the membership in IFPA would facilitate access to financing instruments and market of the OIC countries.

The participants assured being open for collaboration and noted the growing relevance of food insecurity issues as the global pandemic hit hard the global supply food chain. The Secretariat of IOFS thanked the parties for participation and expressed hope for future more fruitful collaboration.

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