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Director-General meets the Ambassador of Egypt
Date 2020-03-05 13:42:27
Director-General meets the Ambassador of Egypt
On 5 March 2020, H.E. Mr. Yerlan Baidaulet, Director-General of IOFS met H.E. Manal Yehia El Shinnawi, the Ambassador of Egypt in Nur-Sultan at the Embassy of Egypt. The Director-General highlighted a pivotal role that IOFS plays in the agricultural development of 34 member countries. The meeting covered the forthcoming activities of IOFS, such as the Workshop on the Development of National Gene-Banks in OIC countries, the Roundtable on Water Management for Agriculture in OIC. The interlocutors remarked on the 2020 strategic plan, reflecting upon the importance of the Strategic Commodities and Egyptian experience in this field.
Director-General disclosed to the Ambassador the strategic initiative behind the Islamic Food Processing Association (IFPA), noting its aim to develop a direct relationship between agricultural businesses in the IOFS Member States. The participants discussed enhancing the relationship between IOFS and the agrarian sector of Egypt, which could also be extremely beneficial on the level of strategic commodities and seed production. IFPA could improve the cooperation between governmental and private sectors in Egypt and other member states. 
Director-General expressed his enthusiasm to visit Egypt in the near future to meet the high-level officials in the Egyptian agricultural sector. H.E. Manal El Shinnawi expressed her full support for conducting such important visits to Egypt and Maghreb countries.