IOFS Commences Mobilisation of its Member States for its Roundtable on «Water Use Management for Agriculture in OIC Countries»

26 February 2020
On February 25th, the Deputy Director-General of IOFS, Hameed Opeloyeru and Chairman of the Kazakhstan Committee on Water, Mr. Arman Turlubek foregathered to discuss water management in OIC countries. 
IOFS unveiled its forthcoming event, scheduled to take place in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in October 2020, which aims to improve the water use management of member states for food and agriculture.
Amb. Hameed Opeloyeru noted that the management of water and sanitation assumes a central role on both national and international fronts. Besides being a basic need for survival and healthy living, water is essential for food and nutrition security, energy and environment. He added that the current multisectoral use of water has exacerbated the problem of water scarcity and food insecurity, owing to it to the arid and semi-arid climate of most OIC countries. He stated that IOFS, being a specialized institution of OIC, prioritized the issue of water use management to support agro-food production, accessibility and security in its member states.
IOFS urged Kazakhstan to participate actively in the IOFS Roundtable, as well as in the main OIC Ministerial Conference on Water; both events would take place in Jeddah, Saudi-Arabia in October 2020.
Mr. Arman Turlubek expressed a high level of interest in the said event and announced that the Committee on Water of the Ministry of Ecology, Geology and Natural Resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan would actively participate in the event. 
The Roundtable on Water Use Management for Agriculture in the OIC Member States aims to create an intra-OIC mechanism that could support water projects in IOFS member states, including the latest and modern scientific methods for irrigation and water conservation.

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