Baidaulet: Egypt, Kazakhstan attain progress 2026

١٧ أغسطس ٢٠٢١
Director-General of Islamic Organization for Food Security IOFS Yerlan Baidaulet said that the organization has Science Technology Innovation STI agenda 2026 under the OIC umbrella and underlined that its aim is to bring the best practices and scientific achievements to the people.

Hosted by (Exclusive), he elaborated that they aim at developing the centre of excellence and activate the intra OIC cooperation of the member countries to be able to have dialogues and opportunities to exchange innovative technologies and talk about productivity. They also care about the genetic resources as they are the basic foundation of food security.  

He praised the cooperation between Egypt and Kazakhstan in business, import and export, and in investments. Egypt has achieved good results in the supply food chain and providing self-sufficiency, and developing its food processing companies. He invited Egyptian food entrepreneurs to be part of the organization and said that the IOFS will participate in the activities of Cairo water week.

He added that the organization proposed a new dimension of cooperation between Egypt and Kazakhstan with regard to wheat import; there are offtake agreements where Egyptians harvest in Kazakhstan and store their and utilize logistic facilities which bring price stability.

He stated that though Covid19 raised many obstacles and difficulties to a lot of countries to the extent that 11-member countries have been suffering from hunger, yet the organization will help them through aid and developing programs.

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المعلومات المقدمة من قبل المنظمة الإسلامية للأمن الغذائي ("IOFS") على ("الموقع") هي لأغراض إعلامية عامة فقط. IOFS هي منظمة دولية غير ربحية ويتم تقديم جميع المعلومات الموجودة على الموقع بحسن نية ولا بهدف إلى الربح من أي محتوى أو استغلاله بأي طريقة أخرى، وممنوع استخدام تجاري، بما في ذلك على سبيل المثال لا الحصر إعادة البيع، أو فرض رسوم على الوصول إلى الموقع، أو إعادة التوزيع محتوياته، بما في ذلك الترجمات غير الرسمية لهذه المستندات، وجميع المنشورات والنصوص وأي أشكال أخرى من المعلومات على الموقع مملوكة للمؤلفين.

لا تتحمل IOFS بأي حال من الأحوال أي مسؤولية عن أي خسارة أو ضرر من أي نوع حدث نتيجة لاستخدام الموقع.