IOFS officials and representatives of Kazakh Science and Research Institute of Processing Industry gathered at headquarters of IOFS

25 November 2019
On 25th November, a meeting was held between the Deputy Director-General of IOFS, Amb. Hameed Opeloyeru and representatives of the "Kazakh Science and Research Institute of Processing Industry" LTD, headed by Director Mr. N. Muslimov. The parties discussed prospects of bilateral relations within the framework of strategic cooperation between JSC National Agricultural Science and Education Center and the development of a work plan for the international IFPA program.
The meeting started with a presentation on research directed by the representatives of the "Kazakh Research Institute of Processing and Food Industry" LTD:
•  Estimation of efficiency of usage of new technologies in processing and food industry, improvement and development of new equipment and technologies for production of goods containing animal and plant elements, including bakery, confectionery, fruit and vegetable, meat and dairy.
• Development of optimal technological methods to design equipment for deeper and more complex processing of plant and animal materials.
•  Development and preservation of microorganisms' gene-fund for food industry etc.
Amb. Hameed Opeloyeru noted that IOFS will apply all efforts to ensure sustainable food security, harmonious and comprehensive support via socio-economic development and systematic promotion of agriculture-related investments in trade, science, and technologies. One of the most important values that the organization aims to uphold is a brotherly partnership. IOFS member countries must share their knowledge and insights to be able to address major food security problems facing the member states, such as famine, malnutrition, widespread poverty, rapid population growth, food shortages, desertification, climate change, etc. The IFPA programme, therefore, has been created to address the abovementioned reasons.

The parties planned to cooperate closely with the "Kazakh Research Institute of Processing and Food Industry" LTD within the context of planned signage of MoU with its parent company JSC "National Agricultural Science and Education Center".

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