On May 9, 2022 IOFS Director General HE Mr.Yerlan A.Baidaulet while proceeding second day of an official visit to Iran, had a first meeting with the Secretary General of the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO), H.E. Ambassador Khusrav Noziri. Bilateral meeting was held at the ECO Secretariat headquarters and was devoted to discussing of the possible ECO-IOFS cooperation on agricultural and food security areas.

IOFS Director General briefly presented IOFS’s background, strategic plans and initiatives undertaken to promote and manage food security issues in the wider OIC Member States. Other points include priority to address humanitarian issues in Afghanistan through enabling inclusive and integrated food security system. Thereby to promote desirable ECO-IOFS collaboration signing of MoU was proposed.
ECO Secretary General committed to strengthen further cooperation and invited IOFS Director General to the Council of Ministers of Agriculture of the ECO Member States to be held on July 5-6, 2022 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

The second part of the meeting during the visit to Tehran involved the Minister of Agriculture HE Dr. Seyyed Javad Sadati Nejad who emphasized importance of boosting agricultural exchanges by establishing joint cooperation. Iran state officials expressed appreciation for the visit and for the commendable effort IOFS has made towards empowering sustainable food security system projects in the intra-OIC region based on pragmatic, data-driven and result-oriented commitments. The Minister expressed willingness to support IOFS strategic programmes and highlighted that the country possesses the necessary technical basis and infrastructure to contribute to better food security within the OIC geography.

Another important meeting was held with Director General for the International Affairs of Environment and Sustainable Development of the Foreign Ministry, HE Mr. Mohammad Hassani Nejad Pirkouhi.

Parties elaborated on the implementation of the IOFS food humanitarian projects within Afghanistan Food Security Programme and activities under the “Year of Africa” Program. Additionally, parties explored facilitating Iran's membership in IOFS through discussing membership procedures, amount of mandatory contributions, benefits and obligations of the membership and expressed mutual hope to prompt settlement of Iran’s full fledged accession to the IOFS.

Following the day's program, the IOFS delegation met with the Director General of Bureau of International affairs and specialized institutions at the Ministry of Agriculture Jahad HE Mr. Hooman Fathi. Two sides agreed to ensure joint collaboration aims to improve coordination between IOFS Group and the government of Iran, enable better access to regional food markets and gradual removal of trade barriers as well as promotion of intra-OIC regional trade.

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