Virtual Consultative Meeting on the creation of Pilot Regional Food Security Reserve

06 December 2021
In order to implement the decisions of 8th OIC Ministerial Conference on Food Security and Agricultural Development, which held in Istanbul (Republic of Turkey) on October 25-27, 2021 the Islamic Organization of Food Security (IOFS) held a Virtual Consultative Meeting regarding the creation of Pilot Regional Food Security Reserve on 03 December 2021.

Authorized representatives from Afghanistan, the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Republic of Tajikistan, the Republic of Turkey, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Republic of Albania, the Republic of Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, the Kyrgyz Republic were invited to the meeting. These esteemed Members States have been identified as pilot regions for the creation of the Regional Food Security Reserve.

During the meeting the proposed structure of the Regional Food Security Reserve and its modality was discussed. As well as the parties debated the next steps in the program's implementation while also considering the provisions of the proposed Memorandum of Understanding (founding document).

By OIC Food Security Reserves, we mean a network of reserves in the shape of stockpiles food as a sub-regional basis for the peculiar food needs in each regional group within the OIC Member States. In stress and emergency cases, reserves will cover food shortages. And the OIC Food Security Reserves should follow the principles of flexibility and autonomy that allow them to satisfy the various needs of the Member States.

The IOFS Secretariat and countries have agreed to work together closely and actively to develop a credible mechanism of Regional Food Security Reserve that ensures food security through each country's efforts.

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