“IOFS-COMSTECH-BCI Conference on Acquisition, Conservation, Exchange and Safety Duplication of Plant Genetic Resources in OIC Member Countries: The Way Forward”

29 October 2021

Duration:  1 day

Date: 11 November 2021
Time: 15.30 hrs (by Pakistan time), 16.30 hrs (by Kazakhstan time)

The IOFS, COMSTECH, and BCI have completed a series of regional workshops on the themes of Acquisition, Conservation, Exchange, and Safety Duplication of Plant Genetic Resources in OIC Member countries (MC). These workshops not only included training on the various aspects of Genebank establishment, management, and operations but also enabled the collection of valuable data on the available human and material resources for managing plant genetic resources and genebanks in various countries and regions of the OIC.  The workshops also enabled the identification of countries that have well-developed facilities towards these ends and can act as focal points for respective regions viz. Asia, Africa, and MENA. At the same time, the workshops also provided gathering of information on the challenges being faced by several countries in developing their gene banks or preservation and exchange of genetic resources.

Conference is now being organized to consolidate the information gathered in the three training workshops for ASIA, AFRICA and MENA regions and international experts to debate on various issues and challenges of OIC MC.



To identify working groups and potential collaborations among regional countries where technical know-how and resources could be shared by partners;

 To discuss and exchange the international practices in the conservation of genetic resources and effective collaboration in this field of PGR with various stakeholders on the national and international level.


  1. Discussion on training conducted by IOFS, COMSTECH and BCI;
  2. Discussion on ways to enhance the institutional and human capacity of National Institutions and Gene Banks in OIC MC;
  3. Further Plan of Action and interaction with among National Gene Banks and Research Institutes of OIC MC;
  4. Safety duplication of genetic resources in OIC region.


 The Conference is expected to be participated by the following representatives:

  • All participants of the training, as well as representatives of ministries of agriculture, National Gene Banks and Research Centers of OIC MC;
  • Selected regional and international organizations working in the domain of development of PGR;
  • Relevant OIC Institutions.

Due to the constraints on travel and gatherings imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic the Conference will be held online (Zoom platform). The working language of the event is English (interpretation into the French and Arabic language).


To attend the Conference and receive informational materials regarding the event please register:


To join the Conference, please follow the link: https://cutt.ly/xRKThca

Other organizational matters can be clarified by the IOFS focal point: Makpal Bulatova, Program Manager, IOFS Secretariat, +77017773649, m.bulatova@iofs.org.kz.

Please download the Concept Note of the Conference:

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