During press-conference in the Government of Republic of Kazakhstan, Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Mr. Saparkhan Omarov and Chairman of the Board of «Food Contract Corporation», Rinat Akberdin spoke about harvesting processes, development of export and measures to support domestic agricultural producers.
According to the Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan, 19 million tons of grain is planned to be collected in 2019. Depending on quality, the cost will range from $62 to 70k tenge per ton.
In general, a budget loan of 60B tenge was allocated to finance spring field and harvesting operations and 395k tons of fuel, which is 15 tenge cheaper than the market price.
To date, 2169 agribusiness entities have been funded to support cultivation of agricultural crops on an area of 3.1 million hectares. As Mr. Omarov noted, «Agricultural Contract Corporation» plans to purchase up to 1 million tons of grain this season. On his side, Mr. Akberdin spoke about ongoing work in grain export field and mentioned main markets for export of domestic agricultural products.

«This year most of the grain will be exported to traditional markets; those are countries of Central Asia, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Iran. Last year 7,5 million tons of grain was exported, that's around 68% of total volume,» says Mr. Akberdin. «Supply to Turkey, Georgia, Italy, Spain is growing too.»

In addition, supply of Kazakhstani grain and flour to China increases annually. In 2016, volume of exports to China amounted to about 300k tons, while in 2018 this number rose 600k tons. Moreover, agreements on supply of wheat in 2020 have already been reached.

Source: https://primeminister.kz/ru/news/press/kazahstan-narashchivaet-eksport-zerna-v-turciyu-gruziyu-italiyu-ispaniyu

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