On December 2, the Third General Assembly of the IOFS commenced in Ankara, Turkey within the theme of "Sustainable Development of Food Security in the OIC Region". The session will last for two days on December 2-3 in online format.

The session was moderated by the Vice Minister of Agriculture and Forestry of Turkey, Mr. Akif Ozkeldi. Welcoming remarks were made by the Chairman of the IOFS Executive Board Abdulaziz Alhoweish and IOFS Director-General Mr. Yerlan Baidaulet. In his speech, the head of IOFS Secretariat thanked the government of Turkey for hosting the 3rd General Assembly, and presented to the participants a report on the activities of IOFS for 2019-2020.

The following issues were considered:
1.Membership, funding and administration;
2. The OIC Action Plan for the Development of Strategic Commodities (wheat, cassava and rice + palm oil);
3. Creation of the OIC Food Security Reserves;
4. Creation of the Islamic Food Processing Association (IFPA);
5. Food Security Governance;
6. Science, Technology and Innovation programs;
7. Promotion of Agri-Food Trade and Investment;
8. Food Humanitarian Programs;
9. Improving the IOFS Food Balance Database.

The discussion of the programs caused great interest of the participating countries and international organizations.
Participants approved the report of the Senior Officials Meeting and the Draft Resolutions for adoption at the Ministerial Session on 3 December.
Also, the participants determined the date and venue for the 4th General Assembly in 2021.
On the first day of the session of the 3rd General Assembly of the IOFS, more than 150 participants from the OIC countries took part, including the ministers of agriculture, heads of international organizations, high-ranking officials of countries in charge of food security issues. Many comments and suggestions were received from the participating countries and international organizations. , which will be taken into account in the future work of IOFS.

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