Plants’ genetic resources of the world are distributed unevenly, as well as possibilities for their use. Most crops, CWR and other useful species of wild plants are not limited by national borders. Their distribution reflects the geography of ecosystems and global dispersal by humans or nature. Consequently, in case of the need in PGRFA the countries have to access the material and related information outside the country.

Genetic resources of plants are reproductively or vegetative propagating material of the following plant categories:

- breeding varieties used at present or newly created;

- breeding varieties that have come out of use;

- special genetic material (elite and breeding lines and mutants).

Gaps and needs in the field of PGRFA

Strategic Priorities of PGRFA in OIC Countries

  1. To develop and approve the PGRFA Development Strategy in OIC countries in order to determine:
  1. To create a unified international genebank for OIC countries to store ex situ collections of priority crops for OIC countries. To this goal:

Genbank will ensure: