Programme Manager


  • To be a Muslim national of one of the Member States of IOFS.
  • To have post-graduate degree in the relevant fields of IOFS operations (Engineering/Agriculture/Economy background is preferable)
  • To be free of diseases and infirmities that may hinder the exercise of his duties.
  • Not having been convicted of a felony or a crime against honour or trust.
  • Not having been removed from any job for disciplinary reasons.
  • To be either nominated by his State or his State should have no objection to his appointment in the Organisation.


  • At least two working languages of IOFS (Arabic, English, French)


  • At least 5 years of working experience in fields of Human development, Food Security and Safety, Agriculture and Rural development


  • To have several scientific publications on Agriculture and Food Security area

SOFT SKILLS          

  • Advanced proficiency in MS Office, social-orientated, responsible, disciplined, able to stick deadlines, executive, goal-orientated, able to perform solely and within team


  • As per IOFS Personnel Regulations.


  • The eligible person is expected to take over responsibility and manage IOFS Programmes including technical organizations, paper works and preparing arrangement of relevant programme events such as workshops, conferences, roundtables, forums etc.
  • To study and analyze national strategies / policies of IOFS Member-States, preparation of country reports on food security areas related to programmes.
  • To prepare and draft related documents of the programmes including concept notes, frameworks and plans of action, protocols, declarations, treaties, presentations etc. related to programmes.
  • To communicate and conduct efficient discussions with the Executive Board Members, IOFS Member-States, OIC institutions and other fellow organizations in order to implement IOFS programmes in effective, comprehensive and proper manner.
  • To handle way forward actions on implementation of the programmes along with other stakeholders, including utilization of existing mechanisms such reverse linkage programmes, tools of Islamic Finance, institutional capacity building, scientific researches, intra-OIC investment, economic, technical cooperation and trade instruments, enhancing food balance, food data and other information etc.
  • To prepare and draft all midterm and final reporting documents upon programmes to the OIC General Secretariat, ACMOI, COMCEC, SESRIC and other stakeholders.
  • To prepare and draft all documents related to IOFS Programmes to be submitted for consideration of IOFS Executive Board and General Assembly including outcome documents (Resolutions, Annexes, Protocols, Frameworks/Plans of Action etc.)
  • To conduct and supervise all outreach activities in order to raise awareness on IOFS programmes, including drafting necessary articles, allocation of these articles among well-known media sources.
  • To conduct interviews, webinars, and participate panel discussions to promote IOFS programmes.

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