IOFS Strategic Commodities and Food Safety Forum Doha, the State of Qatar, 14-16 February 2022


Tentative Programme

“IOFS Strategic Commodities and Food Safety Forum”

IOFS in Cooperation with the Ministry of Municipality of the State of Qatar

From 14 to 16 February 2022

Doha, Qatar

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(In English, Arabic, French, Russian languages)



13 February – Airport Transfer and Hotel accommodation

14 February - Day 1, Al Majilis Hall, Sheraton Doha

 Hybrid format

09:00 – 09.30 hrs

Registration and welcoming coffee

09:30 -10:00 hrs

Introduction and General Briefing by the participation of the official representatives and local authorities

Inaugural Session


Welcome Remarks

Dr. Ismail Abdelhamid, Director PPO, IOFS


Inaugural Address

1.      H.E. Dr. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz bin Turki Al-Subaie, Minister of Municipality of the State of Qatar;

2.      H.E. Prof. Ahmed Sengendo, Assistant Secretary General for Economic Affairs of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC);

3.      H.E. Mr. Arman Issagaliyev, Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the State of Qatar;

4.      H.E Mr. Yousef Hassan Khalawi, Secretary General of the Islamic Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (ICCIA);

5.      H.E. Dr. Tarifa Al Zaabi, Director-General of the International Center for Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA);

6.      H.E. Prof. Yerlan Baidaulet, Director General of the Islamic Organization for Food Security (IOFS)


The official announcement of the IOFS-COMSTECH Fellowships Program for researchers from the OIC Member States in the Food Security discipline by H.E. Prof. Dr. M. Iqbal Choudhary, Coordinator General of the COMSTECH


The signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding between IOFS and ICCIA


Vote of Thanks

(Group Photograph)

10:00 – 10:30 hrs

Coffee break

10:30-12:00 hrs


Session 1. Speech by H.E. Prof. Yerlan Baidaulet, Director General of IOFS on the Challenges of the Development of Strategic Commodities and Food Security in the OIC region


Wheat development in OIC Member Countries:


Moderator: Dr. Ismail AbdelHamid, Director PPO, IOFS.

Rapporteur: Mrs. Makpal Bulatova, PM, IOFS

Keynote presentation: IOFS


1.                   R&D: Wheat genetic achievements of Turkey by Dr. Bayram Ozdemir, Field Crops Central Research Institute of Turkey;

2.                   Trade development: Commercial wheat varieties and the wheat development program in Kazakhstan by Dr. Irina Oshergina, A.I. Barayev “Scientific-production center for grain farming of Kazakhstan;

3.                   Policy Development: Presentation of the Republic of Pakistan by Dr. Ghulam Muhammad Ali Chairman, PARC, Pakistan;

4.                   Cluster approach in the development of agriculture of Uzbekistan and implication to the wheat production by Dr. Zafar Ziyaev, Institute of Genetics and Plant Experimental Biology of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

5.                   Wheat production in Azerbaijan, review to the sector: problems and prospects by Dr. Tofiq Allahverdiyev, Plant Physiology and Biotechnology, Department of the Research, Institute of Crop Husbandry of Azerbaijan


Questions and Answer Session

Uzbekistan (Wheat)

Turkey (Wheat)

Kazakhstan (Wheat)

Pakistan (Wheat)

Azerbaijan (Wheat)


Session (90 min)

- 30 min speeches, and welcoming part

-          15 min Q/A

-          45 min presentation of participants (5-7 min each)


12:00-13:15 hrs



13:30-15:00 hrs

Session 2. Rice Development Block:


Moderator: Dr. Ismail Abdelhamid, Director PPO, IOFS.

Rapporteur: Dr. Shahlo Atabaeva, PM, IOFS, and Ms.Raushan Kumekbayeva, Manager, IOFS


1.               Forgotten food -Future food, as approaches for food security in the region; Rod A. Wing, Professor, Plant Science Director, Center for Desert Agriculture (KAUST, KSA);

2.               Rice development policy of Bangladesh and influence of R&D in reaching self-sufficiency  Dr. Md. Shahjahan Kabir (BRRI, Bangladesh);

3.               Extension services in Africa as a crop/yield improvement tool in local areas. Dr. Omar Ndaw FAYE, Rice Breeder - Agronomist Engineer (ISRI), Senegal

4.               Trade policy of Pakistan in rice export promotion Dr. Muhammad Yousuf, (PARC), Pakistan  


Cassava Development Block:

1                 Exploiting global markets for Cassava: problems, challenges, and solutions; Prof. Garba Hamidu Sharubutu, Agricultural Research Council of Nigeria; Nigeria

2                 Production development (processing, storage) and commercialization of Cassava; Dr. Omongo Christopher Abu, National Agricultural Research Organization, Uganda.

3  Enhancing Cassava’s Value Chain in Marginal Environments. Dr. Luis Augusto, Chief Scientist, ICBA, UAE

Senegal (Rice)

Bangladesh (Rice)

Pakistan (Rice)

KSA (Rice)

Nigeria (Cassava)

Uganda (Cassava)


Session (90 min)

11 participants, (90 min)

-15 min Q/A

-75 min presentation of participants (5-7 min each) (7 presentations, Rice, Cassava)



Official Dinner for all participants of the Forum


15 February, Day 2, Al Majilis Hall, Sheraton Doha


10:00-12:00 hrs

Roundtable and presentation of IOFS, approaches, and vision for Strategic Commodity Development, Step Forward.


Moderator: Dr. Ismail Abdelhamid, Director PPO, IOFS.

Rapporteur: Dr. Shahlo Atabaeva PM, IOFS,

Mrs. Makpal Bulatova, PM, IOFS

Ms. Raushan Kumekbayeva, Manager, IOFS.


1.    The IOFS vision on the industrial development of strategic commodities (policy, production, R&D, trade) by Programme Managers, IOFS;

2.    Development of Stress Resilient Crops Basket for Marginal Environments” Dr. Tarifa Al Zaabi, ICBA;

3.    Role of Intellectual Property Rights: How IOFS sees the cooperation between Member States, National, and International institutions by Nursalim Suleimenov, IOFS

Discussion, questions, and answers.

All participants of the forum, including online participation of the

12:00-13:30 hrs



13:30-15:00 hrs

Closing ceremony

-Drafting Further Action Plan for each commodity


General remarks by H.E. Prof. Yerlan A Baidaulet, Director General, IOFS



15:30 onwards

Doha Sightseeing

16 February, Day 3, Al Majilis Hall, Sheraton Doha


09:30-11:00 hrs

Session 1. Food Safety and Healthy Food (Hybrid format)

Theme: Nutrition and Food Safety correlation and reflection to food security intervention

1.   Halal food: monitoring and legislations in Qatar, Ministry of Public Health – State of Qatar.

2.   The concept of halal food and the standards regulating them from a legal point of view, Dr. Iyad Abdulhamid Nimr, Associate Professor of the College of Sharia and Islamic Studies of Qatar University. State of Qatar

3.   Food Safety and interaction with gene to fork traceability. Dr.Hisham El-Shishtawy, Secretariat of the National Biosafety Committee Agricultural Genetic Engineering Research Institute (AGERI).

4.   Experience of Kazakhstan in the adaptation of the programs on Food Safety and the role of research institutes. H.E. Prof. Tlektes I. Yespolov, Vice President of National Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan.

5.   Sustainable Halal Food Security ecosystem for safe and quality food production.  Dato Dr. Azemi Noor. Emeritus Professor Universiti Kuala Kumpur, Malaysia.

6.   The ICCIA activities with the private sector on food security insurance. Mr. Ashraf Hazen Mohamed Eltanbouly,  ICCIA.







Session (90 min)

-15 min Q/A

-75 min presentation of participants (15 min each) (7 presentations)


11:00-11:15 hrs

Tea/ Coffee


11:30-14:00 hrs

Session 2. Discussion and schedule further activities of the Food Safety and Healthy Food Program

1.   HAFSA, a gateway for Agriculture and Food Safety promotion in OIC Countries. Dr. Riadh Soussi Director-General of INNORPI, Tunisia; 

2.   Role of Small Farm holders and entrepreneurs contributing towards food security and ICCIAs role in it, Mr. Pasha Syed Saad Ali, ICCIA;

3.   ICCIA agriculture projects and strengthening the role of the private section in food security, Mr. Mulhim Mohamed Elhassan Eltaeb Mohamed ICCIA;

4.   Food Safety and Healthy Food Program. From Gene to Fork, vision and next steps. Dr. Shahlo Atabaeva, IOFS


Closing ceremony

Session (120 min)





18:00 – onwards

Official Dinner


17 February Hotel Check out and departure of participants