‘Gulf Times’, a Qatari daily newspaper’s website published an article that provides an insight into number of policies the Ministry of Municipality of Qatar is aiming to implement to maintain food security, food supply chain and to respond people’s needs and demands.
The Minister Abdulla bin Abdulaziz bin Turki al-Subaie noted in his interview about willingness of the ministry to constantly update and facilitate its services to respond citizen’s expectations. For their implementation an extensive national policy is planning to adopt that is targeting to decrease environmental pollution and embrace waste recycling initiatives, rehabilitation of waste transfer stations. In the food security and agricultural sector, the ministry intends to adopt set of national programs to develop honey production, green fodder production grown on the treated water, support farmers. Furthermore, number of initiatives are targeted to expand crop production, meat and poultry producing, fresh fish and shrimp manufacturing.  
The ministry additionally plans to adopt various programs to increase research capabilities of the laboratories, strengthen infrastructure across the country, and improve urban planning and amending the legislation on real estate expropriation for public benefit.
Qatari National Food security strategy is implementing effectively, the country is ranking first in the Arab World for Global Food security index in the last years, and mainly rates attained by full provision of targeted agricultural products. Supply of the targeted items secured by signing more than twenty contracts with the private entrepreneurs that seeks to support strategic food storage.   
The Ministry of Municipality exercises number of policies designed to support Qatari farmers through providing essentials as fertilizers and seeds, subsidizing electricity supply, facilitating issuing of loans and decreasing potential losses.
The article is available on the Gulf Times website

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